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Self Ligation Ceramic Bracket

Tired of having to spend an eternity on the chair at the clinic? Or enduring an equally long and everlasting length of treatment? We offer the best alternative for these problems. You can reduce both your chair-time and length of treatment at "Mach" speed with our self-ligation ceramic bracket Mach.


Main Features

The full-time passive/active bracket allows wires to continuously move teeth with significantly reduced friction. World Bio Tech's advanced Round-Ball-Contact technique on the clip further reduces the friction. With both the self-ligating clip and superbly reduced friction, the length of treatment can be significantly shortened.

This combination provides maximum aesthetics in a bracket. For patients who want both the aesthetics and reduced length of treatment, Mach is certainly the right choice.



WBT Application example

Put the opener in the hole of clip and position the opener in a straight line to the tooth root. And then open the clip.

* The World Bio Tech Co., Ltd. Version of the Roth System is not claimed to be a duplication of any other, nor does World Bio Tech Co., Ltd. Imply that it is endorsed in any way by Dr. Roth